Child abuse – Werkgroep Morkhoven overview


August 22, 2009

Founded in 1989, the Werkgroep Morkhoven became famous for Marcel Vervloesem’s hilarious awareness street actions, which led, after long struggles with the Belgian authorities to new legislations on:

  • The lack of legislation on the isolation cells of public institutions, in which children could be locked for periods up to three months.
  • Flemish ill prisoners, who were locked in French speaking institutions, where they had no common language with the staff that was supposed to treat them.
  • Handicapped people who were banned from cinemas and other public places for security reasons;

The isolation cell dossier in the paediatric section of Antwerp’s hospital « Good Engels » led to discover a criminal organisation trapping runaway teenagers, corrupting them and introducing them in « escort services » and the Dutch and German porn industry. Further researches led the Werkgroep Morkhoven to the networks’ activities in the Belgian town of Temse and the Portuguese island of Madeira. A former victim employed by the network under blackmail, has led the Werkgroep Morkhoven in 1998, to the town of Zandvoor, in the Netherlands. Marcel Vervloesem has then met the network’s boss, Gerrit Ulrich, a German citizen who was selling on Internet, photographs of crimes upon children (pornography, rape, torture and murder). Ulrich gave his so-called « collection », which then was not illegal to possess in Holland, but showed a crime against humanity.

Interpol and the Belgian police counted 93.081, of which 88.539 unique pictures of crimes. The European Union imposed laws to fight this trade, but non of the countries involved respect them. On the contrary, soon the press censored the information, pretending that the Zandvoort file only showed « a few hundred pictures in old magazines ». Belgian justice closed the case secretly within a few weeks, under the motive of « unknown culprits ». But when the Werkgroep Morkhoven identified a French high-ranking magistrate in the file, underpants-less with an 11-years-old boy, the case was re-opened, to prosecute Marcel Vervloesem (and not the magistrate) on the basis of various accusations, among which possession of child pornography, the evidence of a crime against humanity that he exposed.

Marcel Vervloesem was then object of a set-up accusing him of rapes. He was said guilty and was imprisoned in violation of all the laws. The judges wilfully ignored doctor’s certificates showing that his diabetes did not make it possible for him to rape anyone, and that his heart condition is such that he would not have survived to the sexual stimulants that would have been necessary for him to execute these rapes. The real aim was to assure his death in prison, by depriving him of vital health care. But he survives, throughout a never-ending series of miracle that the medical community cannot find an explanation.


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