Dutroux: WikiLeaks

Belgium: Dutroux dossier summary, 1235 pages, 2005

Release date
April 17, 2009


This 1235 page document presents a summary of key dates, persons, communications and financial transfers involved in the infamous 1986-1996 Dutroux case, in which a number of girls and young women were kept hidden underground and used as sex slaves before being killed. Dutroux was a figure in the European criminal underworld and the case had connections to other underworld figures, to police corruption and from there to Belgium political figures.

The provenance of this substantial summary are as yet unclear, however Luxembourg based journalist Jean Nicolas, who runs http://investigateur.info (formallyhttp://investigateur.ms) has been involved in the release of similar material in the past.



Further information

Context Belgium

Primary language Français

File size in bytes: 6748533

File type information: PDF document, version 1.3

Cryptographic identity:

SHA256 499e516fd48801be007e815ede9fda1b0cc3444bf4aea05eada41cc0c856a6cc




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